Wednesday, 3 October 2012

LOTD - Orange Punch

This was the lipstick I wore on my car journey to Bournemouth. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I wanted a bright lipstick to match. 
I adore Orange Punch. It is cheap, cheerful and long lasting. What more could you want from a lipstick? Perhaps the fact that it is an exact dupe for the Mac lipstick "Morange"

Lipstick - Collection 2000, Orange Soda.


  1. Gorgeous shade, looks lovely on you:)

  2. Gorgeous, I love lipstick, but need to learn to be more adventurous and branch out from my safe pinky nudes!

  3. I'm here and I'm commenting! See see! Actually don't think I own any Collection 2000 lipsticks at all. Not sure why as I like quite a lot of their products. Actually I have their cream puffs and love them. Have you tried them yet? hmmmmm! If not you need to. But they need to come out with a red one for Christmas I think.

    The new Sleek version of the cream but matte lip creams is sooooooooooooo awful... they actually make your lips feel like a desert... I actually imagine that is what my lips would feel like if I haven't drank water in days. Well that is what came to mind when I tried one and it dried my lips sooo badly.

    Fee x

    1. Fee you are a mental, you got a cream puff in a beauty box and I'm the one that told you you need the others. I haven't used them in ages though. I do love the smell and taste.