Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blogger Balls Up

I have been trying to blog about my recent trip to Bournemouth for what feels like years, Unfortunately after illness, losing most of the lipsticks I took with me and the memory card with the pictures on I finally setlled down to tell you all about my lipsticks of choice and blogger wouldn't let me. Clearly "Mr Blogger" is as unimpressed with my disappearing act as you all should be. So I have decided to pass on that for now and carry on blogging about other such stuff.

Quick question, I know this is "The Lipstick Blog" but would you guys mind the odd blog about other stuff? Let me know.

So let's get down to the important stuff... Have you missed me?


  1. You should definitely post about other things, its always interesting to hear more about you as a person and other products :)

  2. It's your blog so you should write about whatever you want. Even though it's called the Lipstick Blog, it's still your blog so you should write about what you want to write about. I like reading about a mixture of things on blogs and it's nice to get a fuller picture of your life and interests because it helps us to get to know you x x

  3. i will read whatever you post hun :D so get writing about everything hehe. hope all is good with you and you are feeling better? xx