Friday, 9 August 2013

Wearing - Holiday Lips

Last month I went on a beautiful holiday to the south coast and of course I took a whole host of lipsticks with me. I didn't actually think to take any specific pictures for the blog but here are a few I managed to find that show off the lipsticks and a sneaky look at some of the outfits I wore as well. 

Day 1:  I don't recall wearing anything on my lips at all but I thought I would show you my makeup and outfit all the same.

Day 2: W7 Mega Matte Lips - Rose
This stuff is seriously long lasting. I am a dry lipped gal by nature and although this is matte it isn't drying and doesn't leave you with that crusty lip feeling.

I love this lipstick to pieces. It reminds me of a super pigmented lipbalm. It is so glossy and smooth but because of that it obviously won't last you all day. 

Day 4: Dainty Doll - It's my party (Please excuse the face, I was facing one of my biggest fears. Boats)
This was a slight disappointment for me, it left my lips really dry and tight feeling and wore off pretty strangely. 

Day 5: Deborah Milano Milano Red - 11 Orange Brocade
Orange lips are without a doubt my thing. I love how they look and I love that not everyone will be wearing them. This lipstick is light weight, pigment packed and reasonably long lasting.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wearing - Nude Caramel

This is a really typical every day colour for me. If I don't know what I want to wear on my lips then I normally end up with a classic nude like this one.

For reference, I always apply some lip balm and a thin layer of either concealer or foundation to nude out the lip before putting on any lip colour.