Sunday, 12 May 2013

Reviewing - Dainty Doll

This is the second Dainty Doll lipstick I am reviewing and my thoughts are very similar to the previous. 

All the Dainty Doll products come in sleek black packaging, however unlike the rest of the line, the lipsticks come in solid metal casings and feel very luxurious to the touch. If you don't mind the shade name going in the bin with the outer packaging then it is virtually faultless.  

Saucy Sailor is a true pillar box red. The name fits the shade down to the ground as it is definitely a "Sailor" red. I wouldn't call it a flat matte but there is no real gloss to it either. It is super comfortable to wear and doesn't dry out even my flaking lips. 
The formula is perfectly light weight with next to no bleeding when applied without a lip liner. Each lipstick contains natural plant wax, vitamin E and moisturising meadow foam seed oil. 
Wear time with any lipstick is different from person to person and I find will vary day to day depending on different circumstances. 

I purchased all my Dainty Doll products from Fragrance Direct. The lipsticks are currently out of stock but it is worth checking back regularly as they are always adding new bits.

Dainty Doll is not tested on animals. 

For reference, I always apply some lip balm and a thin layer of either concealer or foundation to nude out the lip before putting on any lip colour.

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  1. The lip colour is bright and lively. It came beautifully on your lips and looks moisturising. What is the price of this lipstick and when it will be available?