Tuesday 28 May 2013

Hauling - Fragrance Direct

Fragrance Direct was the first website I ever used to buy beauty products and it is still a firm favourite today. Whether you are looking for discontinued makeup items, salon hair products, or your favourite fragrance  fragrance direct has it all. And more. 

They currently have a huge selection of Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks to chose from. I really struggled to narrow it down to just the five. 
These lipsticks retail for £7.17 at Boots but can be purchased from Fragrance Direct for just £1.99. (here)
 540 Hollywood Red, 750, Choco Pop, 720 Drive Me Nuts

175 Raspberry Diamonds, 822 Rose Pearl

A huge favourite in the Lipstick and Beauty world at the moment is the Kate Moss for Rimmel range and Fragrance Direct as now stocking the Kate Moss lipsticks. I can't believe how restrained I was just getting the one but I am definitely going to order more. These retail at £5.49 and are also just £1.99 on Fragrance Direct. (here)
The Rimmel Moisture renew lipsticks (in the purple packaging) are one of my favourite formulas from the high street and at just 99p here (Usual price £6.29) I had to slip one of these in. 

 Kate Moss number 13, Moisture Renew 100 Dreamy

I have never tried the Revlon SuperStay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks before so for £2.99 (here) instead of the usual £8.99 price tag I thought I would give it a go. I haven't given it a full test run yet but at the moment I am pretty on the fence.

I threw in a Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Crystals because you simply can not have too many pinky nudey lip glosses. I literally wear them over everything. Again this was just 99p (here) instead of £6.99

Pink Crystals, Best Bubbly

Finally is possibly my favourite thing out of the entire haul. I couldn't wait to try this NYC Smooch Proof Lipstain out and I was not disappointed. From the sweet apple scent to the opaque finish it is just lovely and for just 99p (here) I would recommend everybody get their paws on this as soon as possible.

Forever Fuchsia

For individual reviews on any of these products please leave a comment below but I am almost certain this is not the last time you will be seeing some of them.


  1. Love the look of the Kate red and frantically trying to remember if it's one already in my collection - nice haul, enjoy wearing :)
    Sera xx

    1. Thanks for the comment lovely. If it isn't in your collection it needs to be, trust me.

  2. I need that Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick and more Moisture Renew Lipsticks as they feel so lovely to apply!

    Off to go look now, even though I don't need any more lipsticks! How have I become so in love with lip products? I blame you!

    Fee x

  3. I have one of the Kate lipsticks as well and I really like it, love the shade that you got! xx

    1. The Kate lipsticks appear to be very popular. I will be buying more for sure.

  4. I ordered a nude Moisture Renew lipstick and some nail varnishes from Fragrance Direct the other day, can't wait for them to arrive! FD is SO good! x


    1. My wish list for that website is literally huge right now

  5. i ordered from fragrance direct the other week and it's honestly the best beauty website for bargains! and they had my favourite foundation from Rimmel that they don't sell anymore!