Monday, 12 March 2012

Lipstick Haul - Mac

   On a recent trip to my local CCO a couple of Mac lipsticks caught my eyes. After a particularly bad day and knowing full well that nothing hangs around in a CCO for very long I decided to grad 3 and quickly hand over my money before I changed my mind. As I am sure most of you know a CCO is a Cosmetic Company Outlet where you can pick up current, discontinued and limited edition makeup items for a discounted price. I paid £9.50 for Of Royalty and Mlle and £10 for Naturally Eccentric.
I believe all 3 of the colours I picked up are now discontinued or were limited edition.

 Naturally Eccentric - Lustre (Surf Baby 2011)
Mlle - Glaze (Fashion Flower 2011) 

Of Royalty - Cremesheen (Fabulous Felines 2010) 

 From top to bottom Naturally Eccentric, Mlle, Of royalty


  1. I never gave Mlle or Of Royalty a second glance when they came out, but they look really lovely here. I need to visit a CCO! xx

  2. These look lovely I just bought Mlle, waiting for it to arrive xx