Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Guest Post - Alex Talks

A few months ago my gorgeous (real life) friend Alex started up her own blog - Alex Talks. With an unpredictable illness meaning I am not always fit to blog I thought it would be a great idea to have Alex do a guest post for me. I hope you all love her as much as I do and give her blog a little follow.

As a bit of a beginner to make up, and blogging, I was very shocked and happy when Maxime asked me to write a post for her blog, stating my favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick for you all, obviously I couldn't not say yes, and as soon as she asked me, I already had a lipstick in mind
Seeing as our weather has turned very autumnal now, and the leaves are on the ground, I've actually been wearing this lippy quite a bit (to my surprise!). When I bought this and got home, I thought maybe this colour was rather brave. I’m not normally one for using a lot of colour on my lips, and up until one on Maximes birthday parties, I wasn't one for lipstick, so my collection isn't vast!
However all of that being said, I completely love this now! It’s a very buildable lipstick, and you can apply it very lightly for a stained look, or blot and layer up for a deep rich look! And for a £1, who’s complaining? Plus, it being a Nivea (who I never knew did make up!), it’s really moisturising too.
My pictures do not do it justice either, the picky of the lipstick on its own, is a much truer look at the colour.
Hope you like my lipstick choice, and thank you to Maxime for inviting me to do a post!
TTFN. xo

Lipstick - Nivea Beaute, Raspberry

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  1. This lipstick color is nice but so common and one more thing about lipsticks is that they sometimes become so flaky that i just hate that