Saturday, 13 July 2013

Loving - The Body Shop

Last month I mentioned the Vouchercodes offer for a free Born Lippy stick lip balm from The Body Shop. Since then I have collected all but one from the range and I have to admit, I am really liking them.

Here in the UK we are experiencing a mini heatwave and as much as I love my lipstick, sometimes it is just too hot to layer up on your makeup. I've swapped my full coverage foundation for tinted moisturiser, left my black eyeliner in its drawer and changed up my lipsticks for tinted lip balms. 

It's not just winter that chaps my lips, the hot weather dehydrates me really quickly and leaves my lips feeling a little sorry for themselves.

The Body Shop Born Lippy stick lip balms make sure I don't have to forego at least a slight splash of colour on my lips. Although they are all advertised as giving the lips a "Pop of colour" there are only really 3 shades in the range that add any colour at all.

Top -  Toffee, Middle - Pomegranate, Bottom - Plum

Despite this, all the colours in the range have delicious (if slightly artificial) scents and moisturise the lips a satisfactory amount without leaving a sticky unpleasant feeling. The ones that do tint the lips are easy to apply without the use of a mirror and wear off evenly. 

Born Lippy Stick Lip Balms cost £3.00 from The Body Shop website

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  1. The UK really have hot days no doubt and nude colors are just perfect for this type of weather. But these are flaky? because it seems like.