Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lipstick Count

Just a quickie because I technically cheated at my own lipstick tag. At last count I had 152 lipsticks but that was a fairly long time ago so I decided to round up all the lipsticks I could find and have a quick recount. 

Lipstick count = 192

(Not including stains, crayons or liquid lipsticks) 

It is safe to say I am now operating a strict one in one out rule from now on. Nobody needs 200 lipsticks. Do they?


  1. That is seriously crazy! Just don't work out how much you spent on them all, the number will be terrifying! xx

  2. I've just amused myself by seeing you have the same amount of followers as lipsticks lol! Maybe you can treat yourself to a new lipstick for each follower you have and then it's like you've earned it lol. I'm a fellow lipstick lover x x

  3. 192? omg ur like my idol. im addicted to mac lipsticks! xx

  4. No one NEEDS 200+ bottles of nail polish either. That hasn't stopped me...

  5. I am seriously impressed with your lipstick collection, I aspire to be like you ;)

    I'll be filling this in and publishing it sometime in the next week, if i dare!

  6. 192 lipsticks! I must say that you and I would probably get along fabulously! :) My lippie and lip gloss count is way up there, too. It is always nice to come across other lipaholics like myself. ;)