Monday, 17 December 2012

Winter Lipstick #1

My favourite lipstick colours for this time of year are generally either browns or deep reds. I will occasionally throw in a regular nude or bright red to mix things up a bit.
One of my most worn colours from last year has carried over to this year. I first saw "Grace" on Youtube videos from FashionRocksMySocks and SuperBeautyNerd and noticed how beautiful it looked against their pale complexions. It is a beautiful deep red colour that really does suit even the most snow white of girls. My only negative would be that the matte finish is ever so slightly drying after a few minutes of wear. 

Lipstick - No7, Grace
(£9.00 - Available from Boots)

Note - The Boots website advertises Grace as a gold yellow colour so I am not sure if the names have changed since the rebrand. 


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  2. This color is amazing <3

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  3. You have a great mouth. That sounds odd but in context...

  4. Your site is lovely
    I am so excited to follow all things beautiful and stylish on your site!

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  5. Ooooh this shade looks so nice!! Soft lips too :O

    1. My lips are a nightmare of lines, cracks and dry patches, I always use a thick coat of lip balm before lipstick

  6. This looks like a gorgeous shade! I will have to look out for this - maybe ebay will have this product before it was rebranded :)